Corporate and Commercial Law: Our Firm’s main area of practice is corporate consultancy and resolution of disputes in commercial law. We may provide you with our legal services on such matters as follows:
  • Establishment of Corporations, preparation of their Articles of Incorporation, registration of new Corporations, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Incorporations in Free Trade Zones
  • Restructuring and Liquidation of Firms
  • Capital Increases
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Establishment of Foreign Banks
  • Public Offerings
  • Establishment of Joint-Ventures
  • Organization of General Meetings of Joint Stock Corporations
Our Firm has a specific expertise on dealing with the conflicts that may arise between partners or shareholders. We may facilitate negotiations, assist in communication, and craft new contracts or agreements to help resolve the dispute.

Our senior partner carried out certain legal operations for the first time in Turkey such as the liquidation of a foreign bank, and the injection of a stadium as a capital in kind.

Via our international business partners we may also assist you in the establishment of companies in foreign jurisdictions.

Free Trade Zones: Our Firm offers full legal services to our clients for their activities in Free Trade Zones.

Competition Law: Our Firm provides legal services with respect to merger controls, cartel investigations, horizontal and vertical commercial agreements, abuse of dominant position and restrictive practices cases, sector-specific regulations, competition litigation, and public procurement.

Saving Deposit Insurance Fund Litigations: A series of past economic crises have brought about several legal disputes between the Saving Deposit Insurance Fund and various legal entities. Our Firm provides full consultancy and litigation services to its clients in such cases.

Applications to the European Court of Human Rights: Our Firm renders full consultancy and litigation services to its clients in the disputes brought before the European Court of Human Rights.

Commercial Arbitration: As a member of the ICC – Turkey, our Firm has the technical expertise and capacity to advise clients on complex disputes throughout the domestic and international arbitrations under the ICC or UNCITRAL rules. KESKİN & KESKİN has already represented its clients in some important arbitration cases before the ICC.

Law of the World Trade Organization: The WTO’s mechanism for resolving trade disputes under the Dispute Settlement Understanding is vital for enforcing international trade rules, and therefore for ensuring that international trade flows smoothly. Our Firm advises its clients in all aspects of the World Trade Organization Law and its Dispute Settlement Mechanism, not the least with respect to the application of rules on anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations before the Turkish authorities.

Contract Negotiation Strategies: Our Firm assists its clients in all kinds of commercial contract negotiations and contract drafting.

Immigration: Via our business partners in Canada we provide immigration services to individuals, and business immigration services to companies.

Privatization: Our firm has represented its clients in some major privatization projects of Turkey. We provide services with regard to the due-diligence stage, the dealings with the State, and the preparation of contracts between joint-venture partners. Our senior partner, in cooperation with international law firms, has conducted, inter alia, the first phase of the privatization of POAS (Largest distributor of Petroleum in Turkey), and the privatizations of PETKIM (Largest Turkish company in the petrochemical industry) and TUPRAS (Largest company for the refining of Petroleum in Turkey) . Consequently, upon the request of the Public Participation Administration, she has participated in the elaboration of the new draft of the Privatization Law.

Capital Markets Law: KESKİN & KESKİN has extensive experience in banking and capital markets law. Our senior partner, Meral KESKİN, has participated in the elaboration of the first draft of the Capital Markets Law, as well as the Law on Public Offerings. Mrs. KESKİN was a member of the team who carried out, for the first time in Turkey, the public offering of a joint stock company, the establishment of a Holding Company, and the issuing of corporate bonds. Accordingly, our firm advises its clients in all aspects of the Capital Markets Law such as:
  • the initial and other public offerings
  • tender offers
  • compliance with the Capital Markets Board Regulations
  • settlement of disputes relating to the capital market’s regulations
  • applications for required permissions and approvals from the Capital Markets Board

Banking Law: Our senior partner Merâl KESKİN has been a member of the Board of Directors of a bank in Turkey. Consultancy for legal aspects of all matters relating to international and Turkish banking and finance law is offered to our clients.

Property and Real Estate Law: Major construction firms are represented in their landscaping works, high-rise constructions, gross-market investments, large-scale land developments, housing and settlement developments as in well as their golf & country club establishment projects. Consultancy services in relation to all kinds of disposals and transfers of property, the establishment of real estate investment trusts, liens and mortgages, commercial leasing, landlord and tenant law, leasehold law, building permits and regulations are rendered to our clients. Consultancy and litigation work for international and public construction contracts, tenders, and bids, financing of such transactions, and the settlement of all kinds of disputes regarding all types of property is in the scope of our Firm’s practice.

Sports Law: Our Firm represents clients before common and special jurisdictions for their sports law related disputes, and during the negotiation of their transfer contracts.

European Union Law: Our Firm provides legal counsel to clients on European Company Law, European Union Competition Law, and the law on the free movement of goods, persons, capital and services within the European Economic Area. We have a specific expertise on all matters relating to the EU-Turkey Customs Union.

Criminal Law: Our Firm advises, assists and represents companies and their executives before the Turkish criminal jurisdictions starting from the criminal investigations, through the preparation of pleadings and hearings, as well as the appealing of the judgements of the courts of first instance. KESKİN & KESKİN is frequently involved in the representation of executives facing the criminal law implications of their acts of management.

Succession Law: Our Firm provides legal services in relation to succession law by, inter alia, performing alternative dispute resolutions among family members, and by rendering consultancy services regarding the drafting of wills.

Pre - and postnuptial agreements and separation agreements: Our firm may assist you in the preparation of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. We may advise you with respect to all issues related to the division of property and spousal support in the event of a divorce. We may provide you with our legal services for the conduct of negotiations on separation (divorce settlement) agreements. We may also represent you in divorce lawsuits. Our Firm draws up premarital or marital property agreements between spouses. We also provide full legal service in relation to conduct of protocol negotiations for divorce and conclusion of divorce cases.

Finally, we also possess an expertise in the National Education regulations. Consultancy services are provided to major educational institutions in this field by KESKİN & KESKİN.